Special issue of The Literary Criterion dedicated to Leavis

We are pleased to let you know about a special issue of Indian literary journal The Literary Criterion, dedicated to Leavis.

Section I: Leavis and Religion

  • Introduction (Emily Holman)
  • Leavis and Newman: Grammars of Dissent (Paul Dean)
  • FR Leavis as Critic of TS Eliot (AVC Schmidt)
  • Three Great Critics (Michael Aeschliman)
  • Affirmation in the Work of FR Leavis (Chris Joyce)

Section II

  • A Cyclops in the Philosopher's Cave (Heward Wilkinson)
  • From Downing to Dhvanyaloka (TJ Cribb)
  • Leavis and the American Academy (Philip Bufithis)
  • Why Leavis still matters in the crisis of a technologico-Benthamite age (John Foster)
  • 'Teacher and Critic': What was the difference? (Richard Storer)
  • The ‘Two Cultures’, Fifty Years On (Michael Yudkin)
  • FR Leavis in the Present Critical Perspective (TRS Sharma)
  • FR Leavis and CD Narasimhaiah (CN Srinath)
  • Book Reviews (A Madhavan and Ragini Ramachandra)

Copies can be ordered by emailing CN Srinath at chayadcis@yahoo.co.in

Each issue costs £10.00 plus £4.00 for shipping and packaging. Payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer. Please contact CN Srinath for more information.

There are a number of postgraduate students and other researchers in the UK and overseas who are studying the work of F. R. or Q. D. Leavis.  We will be adding details as soon as possible.

Notably, Emily Holman, who is undertaking DPhil research at Balliol College Oxford is writing on the subject of 'Literature, language and the human: a theoretical enquiry, with special reference to the work of F. R. Leavis' and who has edited the issue on Leavis highlighted above.