Green Leavis

Not Anti-Science but ‘Green’ before green was mainstream


“ 'They have the future in their bones,' said Lord Snow of his scientific friends. His intention was plainly euphoric, but we can't help thinking of those unintended consequences of man's mastery which already manifest themselves in his bones. Lord Todd, of course, is professionally more interested in the chemical control of nature than in the potentialities of nuclear fission. My point, however, at the moment is that the Snow-Todd mode of thought, or non-thought, eliminates cultural continuity, excluding thus any more adequate idea of 'society' than that which belongs to Social Studies.”


Leavis, FR. (1972) 'Pluralism, Compassion and Social Hope' in Nor Shall My Sword, p. 182, London: Chatto and Windus


"You don't see so many butterflies nowadays. They're killing them with insecticide. And birds too. Hundreds of species of birds are dying off, you know, because the insects that they eat are poisoned - some are poisoned directly by the insecticide, some just starve because their prey is extinguished. The golden eagle's eggs aren't fertilized because of the poison. You can see it everywhere - it's a truth, you know, a symbolic truth. All they care about is the Industrial Society - not that I've got anything against industry, but they're just callous brutes like old what's his name, Lord Corridor of Power. It's a symbolic truth, you know."


Roberts, Neil. (2005) "'Leavisite' Cambridge in the 1960s" in F.R. Leavis: Essays and Documents, Edited by Ian Mackillop and Richard Storer, p. 268, London: Continuum