1. Writings by F. R. Leavis

Books and Pamphlets

Mass Civilization and Minority Culture. Cambridge: Minority Press, 1930. [Also reprinted in For Continuity and Education and the University (2nd edition: 1948)]

D. H. Lawrence. Cambridge: Minority Press, 1930.

New Bearings in English Poetry: A Study of the Contemporary Situation. London: Chatto & Windus, February 1932.

How To Teach Reading: A Primer for Ezra Pound. Cambridge: Minority Press, 1932.

(With Denys Thompson) Culture and Environment: The Training of Critical Awareness. London: Chatto & Windus, January 1933.

For Continuity. Cambridge: Minority Press, 1933.

Revaluation: Tradition and Development in English Poetry. London: Chatto & Windus, October 1936.

Education and the University: A Sketch for an ‘English School’. London: Chatto & Windus, November 1943.

The Great Tradition: George Eliot, Henry James, Joseph Conrad. London: Chatto & Windus, November 1948.

New Bearings in English Poetry: A Study of the Contemporary Situation. New edition with Retrospect. London: Chatto & Windus, 1950.

The Common Pursuit. London: Chatto & Windus, January 1952.

D. H. Lawrence: Novelist. London: Chatto & Windus, September 1955.

Two Cultures? The Significance of C. P. Snow. Being the Richmond Lecture, 1962. With an essay on Sir Charles Snow's Rede Lecture, by Michael Yudkin. London: Chatto & Windus, October 1962.

Scrutiny: A Retrospect. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1963.

‘Anna Karenina’ and Other Essays. London: Chatto & Windus, November 1967.

(With Q. D. Leavis) Lectures in America. London: Chatto & Windus, January 1969.

English Literature in Our Time and the University. The Clark Lectures, 1967. London: Chatto & Windus, November 1969.

(With Q. D. Leavis) Dickens the Novelist. London: Chatto & Windus, October 1970.

Gerard Manley Hopkins: Reflections After Fifty Years. The Second Annual Hopkins Lecture. London: The Hopkins Society, 1971.

Nor Shall My Sword: Discourses on Pluralism, Compassion and Social Hope. London: Chatto & Windus, July 1972.

Letters in Criticism. Edited and with an Introduction by John Tasker. London: Chatto & Windus, May 1974.

The Living Principle: ‘English’ as a Discipline of Thought. London: Chatto & Windus, September 1975.

Thought, Words and Creativity: Art and Thought in Lawrence. London: Chatto & Windus, August 1976.


Posthumously published

Reading Out Poetry and Eugenio Montale: A Tribute. Together with the proceedings of a commemorative symposium on Leavis held at the Queen’s University of Belfast, with Lord Boyle of Handsworth as Guest Speaker. Belfast: The Queen’s University of Belfast, 1979.

The Critic as Anti-Philosopher. Essays and Papers. Edited by G. Singh. London: Chatto & Windus, 1982.

Valuation in Criticism and Other Essays. Edited by G. Singh. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1986.

More Letters in Criticismby F. R. Leavis and Q. D. Leavis. Edited by M. B. Kinch. Bradford-on-Avon: M. B. Kinch, privately printed, 1992.


Books edited or introduced by F. R. Leavis

Towards Standards of Criticism: Selections from The Calendar of Modern Letters 1925-1927. Chosen and with an Introduction by

F. R. Leavis. London: Wishart, 1933.

Biaggini, E. G. English in Australia: Taste and Training in a Modern Community. Foreword by F. R. Leavis. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, in association with Oxford University Press, 1933.

Determinations: Critical Essays. Introduction by F. R. Leavis. London: Chatto & Windus, June 1934.

Biaggini, E. G. The Reading and Writing of English. Preface by

F. R. Leavis. London: Hutchinson, 1936.

Mill on Bentham and Coleridge. Introduction by F. R. Leavis. London: Chatto & Windus, November 1950.

Bewley, Marius. The Complex Fate: Hawthorne, Henry James and Some Other American Writers. With an Introduction and Two Interpolations by F. R. Leavis. London: Chatto & Windus, 1952.

Twain, Mark. Pudd’nhead Wilson: A Tale. Introduction by F. R. Leavis. London: Zodiac Press, 1955.

Conrad, Joseph. Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard. Foreword by F. R. Leavis. Signet Classics. New York: New American Library, 1960.

Eliot, George. Daniel Deronda. Introduction by F. R. Leavis. New York: Harper, 1961.

Eliot, George. Adam Bede. Foreword by F. R. Leavis. New York: New American Library, 1961.

James, Henry. Selected Literary Criticism. Edited by Morris Shapira. Preface by F. R. Leavis. London: Heinemann, 1963.

Bunyan, John. The Pilgrim’s Progress. Afterword by F. R. Leavis. New York: New American Library, 1964.

Eliot, George. Felix Holt, the Radical. Introduction by F. R. Leavis. Everyman’s Library. London: Dent, 1967.

Coveney, Peter. The Image of Childhood. Revised Edition. Introduction by F. R. Leavis. Peregrine Books. Harmondsworth: Pengum Books, 1967.

A Selection from ‘Scrutiny’. Compiled by F. R. Leavis. Prefatory note by F. R. Leavis. Two Volumes. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1968.

Towards Standards of Criticism: Selections from The Calendar of Modern Letters 1925-1927. Chosen and with Introductions (1933 & 1976) by F. R. Leavis. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1976.


Books containing a substantial collection of items by F. R. Leavis

Bentley, Eric, ed. The Importance of ‘Scrutiny’: Selections from Scrutiny: A Quarterly Review. New York: George W. Stewart, 1948.

Coombes, H., ed. D. H. Lawrence: A Critical Anthology. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1973.


Writings uncollected in Leavis’s lifetime

‘The Relationship of Journalism to Literature: Studied in the Rise and Earlier Development of the Press in England’. Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Cambridge, 1924.

[Untitled] Review of Osbert Sitwell, England Reclaimed, and

F. R. Higgins, The Dark Horse, in The Cambridge Review, 18 November 1927, p. 114.

[Untitled] Review of Augustus Ralli, Critiques, in The Cambridge Review, 24 February 1928, p. 285.

[Untitled] Review of G. H.W. Rylands, Words and Poetry, in The Cambridge Review, 6 June 1928, p. 510.

[Untitled] Review of Edmund Blunden, Retreat, in The Cambridge Review, 12 October 1928, p. 20.

[Untitled] Review of Shane Leslie, The Skull of Swift, in The Cambridge Review, 18 January 1929, p. 199.

‘T. S. Eliot: a Reply to the Condescending’, The Cambridge Review, 8 February 1929, pp. 254-256. [later collected in Valuation in Criticism and other essays]

[Untitled] Review of Cambridge Poetry 1929, in The Cambridge Review, 1 March 1929, pp. 317-318.

[Untitled] Review of Richard Aldington, Death of a Hero, in The Cambridge Review, 25 October 1920, p. 61.

‘More Gothick North’, The Cambridge Review, 8 November 1929, p. 100.

‘Green Fields’, The Cambridge Review, 15 November 1929, p. 118.

‘T. F. Powys’, The Cambridge Review, 9 May 1930, pp. 388-389.

‘On D. H. Lawrence’, The Cambridge Review, 13 June 1930, pp. 493-495. [later collected in Valuation in Criticism and other essays]

[Untitled] Review of Cambridge Poetry 1930, in The Cambridge Review, 16 May 1930, pp. 414-415.

[Untitled] Review of Katherine Mansfield, Novels and Novelists, in The Cambridge Review, 28 November 1930, p. 169.

‘Intelligence and Sensibility’, The Cambridge Review, 16 January 1931, pp. 186-187. [later collected in Valuation in Criticism and other essays]

[Untitled] Review of W. H. Auden, Poems, in TLS, 19 March 1931, p. 221.

‘The Influence of Donne on Modern Poetry’, The Bookman 79 (March 1931), pp. 346-347. [later collected in Valuation in Criticism and other essays]

‘Criticism of the Year’, The Bookman 81 (December 1931), p. 180.

‘Poetry in an Age of Science’, The Bookman (April 1932), p. 42.

‘Poetry-Lovers, Prosody and Poetry’, The Spectator, 14 May 1932, pp. 705-706. [Untitled] Review of W. H. Auden, The Orators, in The Listener, 22 June 1932, p. 906.

‘This Age in Literary Criticism’, The Bookman 83 (October 1932), pp. 8-9.

‘ "... Lord, What Would They Say ... ?" ’, Scrutiny I.iii (December 1932), pp. 290-291.

‘An American Lead’, Scrutiny I.iii (December 1932), pp. 297-300.

‘Resolute Optimism, Professional and Professorial’, Scrutiny I.iii (December 1932), pp. 300-301.

‘More Lawrence’, Scrutiny I.iv (March 1933), pp. 404-405.

‘Dostoevsky or Dickens?’, Scrutiny II.i (June 1933), pp. 91-93.

[Untitled] Review of Peter Quennell, Aspects of Seventeenth-Century Verse and Elizabeth Holmes, Henry Vaughan and the Hermetic Philosophy, in Scrutiny II.i (June 1933), pp. 108-109.

‘Battles Long Ago’, Scrutiny II.ii (September 1933), pp. 202-204.

‘English Letter’, Poetry 43 (January 1934), pp. 215-221.

‘English Letter’, Poetry 44 (May 1934), pp. 98-102.

‘Auden, Bottrall and Others’, Scrutiny III.i (June 1934), pp. 70-83.

[Untitled] Review of C. E. M. Joad (ed.), Manifesto, Scrutiny III.ii (September 1934), pp. 215-217.

‘Shelley's Imagery’, The Bookman 86 (September 1934), p. 278.

‘Marianne Moore’, Scrutiny IV.i (June 1935), pp. 87-90.

‘English Letter’, Poetry 46 (August 1935), pp. 274-278.

‘Hugh MacDiarmid, Scrutiny IV.iii (December 1935), p. 305.

‘Doughty and Hopkins’, Scrutiny IV.iii (December 1935), p. 30.

[Untitled] Review of Richard Heron Ward, The Powys Brothers, in Scrutiny IV.iii (December 1935), p. 318.

‘The Orage Legend’, Scrutiny IV.iii (December 1935), p. 319.

[Untitled] Review of Michael Roberts (ed.), The Faber Book of Modern Verse and I. M. Parsons, The Progress of Poesy, in Scrutiny V.i (June 1936), pp. 116-117.

[Untitled] Review of Richard Eberhart, Reading the Spirit, in Scrutiny V.iii (December 1936), pp. 333-334.

‘The Marxian Analysis’, Scrutiny VI.ii (September 1937), pp. 201-204.

‘Advanced Verbal Education’, Scrutiny VI.ii (September 1937), pp. 211-217.

‘The Recognition of Isaac Rosenberg’, Scrutiny VI.ii (September 1937), pp. 229-234.

‘The Fate of Edward Thomas, Scrutiny VII.iv (March 1939), pp. 441-443.

‘Hart Crane From This Side’, Scrutiny VII.iv (March 1939), pp. 443-446.

‘Arnold’s Thought’, Scrutiny VIII.i (June 1939), pp. 92-99.

‘The Function of the University’, Scrutiny VIII.ii (September 1939), pp. 288-209.

‘Critical Guidance and Contemporary Literature’, Scrutiny VIII.ii (September 1939), pp. 227-232.

‘Pope on the Upswing’, Scrutiny VIII.2 (September 1939), pp. 237-240.

‘Hardy the Poet’, Southern Review 6 (Summer 1940), pp. 87-98. [later collected in The Critic as Anti-Philosopher]

[Untitled] Review of B. Ifor Evans, A Short History of English Literature, in Scrutiny IX.ii (September 1940), pp. 180-181.

‘Education and the University (II): Criticism and Comment’, Scrutiny IX.iii (December 1940), pp. 259-270.

[Untitled] Review of T. S. Eliot, East Coker, in The Cambridge Review, 21 February 1941, pp. 268-270.

‘An American Critic’, Scrutiny XI.i (Summer 1942), pp. 72-73.

‘Landor and the Seasoned Epicure’, Scrutiny XI.ii (December 1942), pp. 148-150.

‘The Liberation of Poetry’, Scrutiny XI.iii (Spring 1943), pp. 212-215.

Little Gidding, Scrutiny XII.i (Winter 1943), p. 58.

‘Catholicity or Narrowness?’, Scrutiny XII.iv (Autumn 1944), pp. 292-295.

‘Meet Mr Forster’, Scrutiny XII.iv (Autumn 1944), pp. 308-309.

‘Comments: Henry James and the English Association; The Times Literary Supplement, An Irish Monthly; The Kenyon Review and Scrutiny; For Whom Do Universities Exist?’, Scrutiny XIV.ii (December 1946), pp. 131-137.

‘Henry James’s First Novel’, Scrutiny XIV.iv (September 1947), pp. 295-301. [later collected in Valuation in Criticism and other essays]

‘The Teaching of Literature (III): the Literary Discipline and Liberal Education’, Sewanee Review 55 (1947), pp. 586-609. [later collected in Valuation in Criticism and other essays]

‘Critic and Leviathan: Literary Criticism and Politics’, Politics and Letters I.2-3 (Winter-Spring 1948), pp. 58-61.

‘L. H. Myers and the Critical Function: Rebuke and Reply’ Scrutiny XVI.iv (Winter 1949), pp. 330-333.

‘Poetry Prizes for the Festival of Britain, 1951’, Scrutiny XVI.iv (Winter 1949), pp. 333-335.

‘The Legacy of the "Twenties" ’, letter to The Listener 29 March 1951, pp. 502-503.

‘Saints of Rationalism’, The Listener, 26 April 1951, p. 672.

‘Lawrence and Eliot’, Scrutiny XVIII.ii (Autumn 1951), pp.139-143.

‘The Approach to James’, The Listener, 6 December 1951, p. 987.

‘The State of Criticism: Representations to Fr Martin Jarrett-Kerr’, Essays in Criticism 3 (April 1953), pp. 215-233.

‘The Critical Forum: The State of Criticism’, Essays in Criticism 3 (July 1953), pp. 364-365.

‘The "Great Books" and a Liberal Education: Must All Free Men Read Them - Or Be Slaves?’, Commentary (September 1953), pp. 224-232. [later collected in The Critic as Anti-Philosopher]

‘The Perfect Critic’, letter to The Manchester Guardian, 21 October 1953, p. 4.

‘Correspondence’, Scrutiny XIX.iv (October 1953), p. 330.

Scrutiny’, letter to The Manchester Guardian, 23 December 1953, p. 4.

‘Virtue in our Time: "Literary Periodicals" and The Times Literary Supplement’, presented to The London Library by the Author, December 1953.

‘A History of Switzerland’, letter to TLS, 2 September 1955, p. 509.

‘The Tone of the Critic’, letter to TLS, 4 May 1956, p. 269.

‘Literary Studies: A Reply’, Universities Quarterly II (November 1956), pp. 14-25. [later collected in Valuation in Criticism and other essays]

‘The Critic’s Task’, Commentary, July 1957, pp. 83-86.

‘Polish Master of English Prose’, The Times, 3 December 1957, p.11.

‘Lacking Scrutiny’, letter to TLS, 8 May 1959, p. 273.

‘How Far Short of True Greatness?’, The Guardian, 8 April 1960, p. 13.

‘A Note on the Critical Function’, Literary Criterion 5.i (Winter 1961), pp. 1-9.

‘Done for Lawrence?’, The Guardian, 24 March 1961, p. 15.

‘The Two Cultures?’, letter to The Spectator, 16 March 1962, p. 335.

‘The Oxford Tradition’, The Spectator, 2 August 1963, pp. 150-151.

Scrutiny’, letter to The Spectator, 8 November 1963, p. 597.

‘Scrutinising the Classics’, letter to TLS, 28 May 1964, p. 455.

‘Correspondence’, letter to The Cambridge Review, 7 November 1964, pp. 103 & 105.

‘Valuation in Criticism’, Orbis Litterarum 21 (1966), pp. 61-70. [later collected in Valuation in Criticism and other essays]

‘T. S. Eliot and the Life of English Literature’, Massachusetts Review 10 (Winter 1969), pp. 9-34. [later collected in Valuation in Criticism and other essays]

‘Eliot and Pound’, letter to TLS, 28 August 1970, p. 951.

‘Wordsworth: The Creative Conditions’, in Twentieth-Century Literature in Retrospect, pp. 323-341. Edited by Reuben Brower. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1971. [later collected in The Critic as Anti-Philosopher]

‘Henry James and Dickens’, letter to TLS, 19 March 1971, p. 325.

‘Reply to Noel Annan’, The Human World 4 (August 1971), p. 65.

‘F. R. Leavis Discusses Xenia, by the Italian Poet Eugenio Montale’, The Listener, 16 December 1971, pp. 845-846. [later collected in The Critic as Anti-Philosopher]

‘Justifying One’s Valuation of Blake’, The Human World 7 (May 1972), pp. 42-64. [later collected in The Critic as Anti-Philosopher]

‘A Message from Dr F. R. Leavis’ Literary Criterion no.2 (Summer 1972), p. 1.

‘Memories of Wittgenstein’, The Human World 10 (February 1973), pp. 66-79. [later collected in The Critic as Anti-Philosopher]

‘Questions of Tone’, letter to TLS, 9 November 1973, p. 1372.

‘Verbicide’, letter to TLS, 31 May 1974, p. 586.

‘ "Believing in" The University’, The Human World 15-16 (May-August 1974), pp. 98-109. [later collected in The Critic as Anti-Philosopher]

‘Who Will Lead Against Inflation?’, letter to The Times, 1 August 1974, p.15.

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2. Writings about F. R. Leavis

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