The Leavis Society is very grateful to Francis Wilkinson for her expertise in transposing the former website of the Centre for Leavis Studies to the new domain, for making the necessary amendments and additions and for maintaining the present site. Without her help the Society would not have been able to set up a substantive website so soon after its inception.

The former Centre for Leavis Studies was set up by Chris Joyce (the Founding Chair of the Leavis Society) and hosted by the University of Surrey. The Society would like to acknowledge the very considerable help given by webmaster Ian Calder, then at Surrey, in designing the original site and uploading its content. The background picture shows the west range of Downing College Cambridge, where Dr Leavis principally taught during the years of his Fellowship there.

Thanks are also due to the organisations shown in the links section for their agreeing to appear on the Society's website.

I don't believe in any 'literary values', and you won't find me talking about them; the judgments the literary critic is concerned with are judgments about life.